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Suggested Rigs to use
Jig Head - Fluorocarbon 4-6lb test (5.5 in. Prologue)
No Sinker Rig - Fluorocarbon 10-16lb test (5.5in, 8in, 14in Prologue)
Texas Rig or Punching Rig - Fluorocarbon 8-20lb test or PE Line 50-60 lb test (8in, 14in Prologue)

Neko Rig - Fluorocarbon 8-16lb test (5.5in, 8in, 14in Prologue)
Jig Trailer - Fluorocarbon 12-20lb test
(5.5in, 8in, 14in Prologue)

The Prologue Comes in 14 in, 8 in, and 5.5 in sizes. 

14in. 3 Pack
8in. 5 Pack
5.5in. 6 Pack

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Roman Made Prologue
Prologue 5.5 inch (6 Pack)
Our Price: $12.99

The prologue generates a slight vibration with the semicircular ribs and the entire body waves underwater giving it an action like no other soft plastic worm out there.  When the worm is on the bottom the Prologue is equipped with a buoyancy float so any action brought to the bait will make is stand and move sluggish.  "Get a good fish condition," it is the concept of the prologue.
Roman Made Range Worm
Range 6 Inch (5 Pack)
Our Price: $14.99